BOSHEL Hund Pflege deShedding Werkzeug Reduziert Verfilzungen Um bis zu 93% – ergonomischer-Taste Einfach aus der Bürste entfernt Gathered Fell – Rutschfester Griff – MetroUpdate derLaden


Size:Medium No more shedding hair, No more cleaning shedding tools are you tired of spending countless hours vacuuming your floors and your upholstery to get rid of shed pet hair and dander? You got a DE shedding tool but cleaning it seems to be endless? We got the solution for you….. The boshel easy-clean dog grooming brush & Pet DE shedding tool! With the boshel easy-clean pet DE shedding tool It’s easy to put a stop to the hassles without saying goodbye to your furry family member, by greatly reducing shedding and helping your dog look and feel her best! Here’s how: ★ The boshel grooming brush for dogs and cats uses a 4-in…stainless steel DE shedding comb head to remove loose fur before It dass off of your pet. ★ The boshel DE shedding tool design is guaranteed to reduce shedding by up to 93%. ★ the grooming tool features an ergonomic easy-clean button which allows you to remove all the gathered hair with just a click oder Ähnlichesbutton. ★ while the De shedding brush dramatically cuts down on shedding it dementsprechend effectively removes mats and tangles. ★ The pet grooming tool is ergonomically designed with a comfortable non-slip rubber handle to give you a great grip while grooming your furry friend. ★ ★ at BOSHEL we offer tools Made to meet the standards of the pros that are simple enough for anyone to use. ★ ★ free yourself from the hassles of vacuuming and sweeping up excessive amounts of pet hair for good with the best quality, easiest-to -clean DE shedding brush on Amazon! Order the boshel dog grooming brush & Pet DE shedding tool today.

★ removes shedding hair and promotes healthy, shiny coats – The BOSHEL pet Grooming Brush for dogs and cats easily removes up to 93% of shedding fur from your cat or dog within minutes by simply combing gently over your dog or cats coat… And will leave a beautiful shiny coat which will dementsprechend increase your pets health by dramatically decreasing animal dander and increasing blood circulation
★ easy peasy – The boshel grooming shedding Brush is uniquely designed with an ergonomic easy-clean button to effectively remove all the gathered fur with just the click oder Ähnlichesbutton.
★ comfortable – the BOSHEL professional deshedding tool for dogs and cats features an ergonomically designed comfortable non-slip rubberized handle.
★ gentle and safe for your pet – The BOSHEL pet deshedding comb is strategically Manufactured with a high quality sharp, rust resistant, stainless steel large 4″ Blade – The grooming comb features strong teeth that grip Hold of loose fur and whisk it away without irritating the skin, which makes it a pleasant experience for both, you and your furry buddy, Sphäre Life Stages, Stainless steel blades;Soft grip handles

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