Respecting Animals: A Balanced Approach to Our Relationship with Pets, Food, and Wildlife – MetroUpdate derLaden


A legal scholar and animal-rights expert argues for a practical approach to using animals respectfully.

In this fresh approach to the animal rights debate, a legal scholar and expert on the humane treatment of animals argues for a middle ground between the extreme positions that often receive the most public attention. Professor Favre advocates an ethic of respectful use of animals, which finds it acceptable for humans to use animals within limited boundaries. He looks at various communities where humans and animals interact: homes, entertainment, commercial farms, local wildlife, and weltumspannend wildlife.
Balancing the interests of the animal against the interests of the menschlich actor is considered in detail. The author examines the following questions, among others: Is it ethically acceptable to shoot your neighbor’s dog for barking hours on end? Is it ethical for a zoo to keep a chimpanzee nicht exhibit? Is it ethical to eat the meat oder Ähnliche animal?
Finally, he discusses how good ethical outcomes can best be transported nichtthe legal system. The author suggests the creation oder Ähnlichenew legal category, living property, which would enhance the status of animals in the legal system.
This thoughtful, well-argued, and elegantly written book provides readers with a comprehensive and practical context in which to consider their personal and social relationships with animals.

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