TVR Sulfur-series: S1, 280Sulfur, S2, S3, S3C, S4C, 290Sulfur & V8S 1986 to 1995: S1, S2, S3/S3c, S4c & V8s 1986 to 1994 (Essential Buyer’s Guide) – MetroUpdate derLaden


Purchasing a TVR Sulfur-Series needn&;t be a daunting proposition. Led by a voice of experience &; someone who works on these cars oder Ähnlichedaily basis &; this guide is the perfect accompaniment when viewing and buying one of these hand-built sports cars. A TVR Sulfur-Series could be a potential bargain and, having this guide in your pocket will greatly improve your odds of finding a good one!
Packed with good advice, including a comprehensive evaluation system, this book considers running costs, paperwork, vital statistics, valuation, the TVR community, and whether a TVR Sulfur-series will suit you and your lifestyle. This is THE COMPLETE GUIDE to choosing, assessing and buying the car of your dreams.

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